Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What do you think?

This is a fun picture that I took outside my parent's home facing a line of trees. It was dusk and a cool dry evening. I was waiting for my parent's to come outside to take pictures with me. I was clicking away hoping to capture orbs and never saw the "mist." My father and I were reviewing the photos later in the evening and you can image the wonderful surprise that was waiting for us! It is the only photo that has the "mist" as it is my habit to click three pictures in a row.
The best part of the picture is how it promotes a conversation about energy. Who am I? How do I recognize that I am energy? How do I "see" it in my every day life? Should I be afraid?

What do you think of the picture?

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  1. Thanks for posting this picture, Retha. This is a fun picture to look at. It reminds me of a few pictures that KB took at my 40th birthday party in Annapolis. She took a roll of pictures, and in a few of them were distinct "mists" or shapes next to or near me. One I remember was when I was blowing out birthday candles. We had fun looking at these, too. Since I am a triplet, of course it gave me another way to think of "you are never alone"! :) On birthdays I feel the energies of my brother and sister even more distinctly "there" than on other days. Their energies are always comforting to me. So...I automatically accept their energies as "real"... hmmm. When I have felt or feel uncomfortable, many times, then, I am simply learning to recognize and understand energy fields at new levels... as you said once, energy just wants to be recognized...