Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is Energy Real?

I looked up (current term "googled")"what is energy" and came up with, of course, multiples of references, web sites, and definitions. Here is one site that has a good imaginary debate about energy.

One way to help me expand/share this Spiritual Philosophy learning venture through communication and my understanding of "energy is real " is to also know more about others' perception and experience of "energy as real."

I've been reading a great little book about the Greek Philosophers. In the first chapter the author writes about Greek Ways of Thinking, and explains (using three examples in particular) the importance of knowing something about the history, cultural environment, and usage of some words that are key to enhance our understanding of the philosophy and philosophers themselves. Without some understanding of the "energy context," we miss a lot in physical translation - through time, through our perceptions as "perfect," through our lack of curiousity about our evolving minds. One of his three examples is the word "virtue." The word "virtue" meant, generally, to the Greeks ('arete'), "efficiency." I especially like this one, because he relates it to the Socratic dictum, "virtue is knowledge." What that may mean to a contemporary, he writes, is You can't be efficient unless you take the trouble to learn the job! (This applies no matter your job, shoemaker, orator, candlestick maker: knowledge is key!)

This brings me back to the question my mother sometimes asks me, and other friends have shared too: What are you going to do with all of that knowledge? My job is, among other "things," to be the best human I can be! (This reminds me of the question my mother asked when we three were born, What are we going to do with 3 babies? My grandmothers' memorable answer was, We're going to love them and feed them like they were one!)As I learn to do this, within my own mind, I invite you to share your internal experiences of growth and change with me and all who read and contribute to this blog. (This is one part of my personal "energy stimulus plan"!)

"It is the exposure to the reality of our invisible energy that creates a change in our intellectual belief system. " (Depression by Kathy Oddenino- 65)

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