Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dualism - by Lucy Eckroth

I would love to share some thoughts that I am thinking about at this time in my life. As a student studying spiritual philosophy with Kathy Oddenino, I am continuing to expand my understanding of self as energy living in physical matter. Kathy suggested that we read BrainScapes by Richard Restak, M.D. before the retreat in April. I loved reading the book because I learned more about the beauty of our great minds and how little the average person really understands about the brain. I have learned more about our primary nervous system (brain) studying with Kathy than through any of my previous experiences studying anatomy and physiology in school and through my employment in the medical field.

As I was reading BrainScapes, I could understand the correlation of the dual soul in relationship to spiritual philosophy. Kathy defines the dual soul as mind and emotions and here is her definition from The Journey Home: Dual soul mind and emotions - Our dual soul consists of a double helix of mental and emotional energy that exists in dual polarities of external negative descending energy and internal positive ascending energy. As an invisible electromagnetic energy our dual soul mind and emotions are seated within the left and right brain and the invisible chemical consciousness vibration becomes the chemical cellular fractal pattern of the DNA as a double helix.

As Restak states in BrainScapes, "Dualism is thus wired into our very biology." As a dual soul with a male thinking mind and female loving emotions, I am processing words spoken through my mental thinking mind and the tone/vibration of the energy of words are processed through my female loving emotions. Each word that is uttered carries an energy field. Using both hemispheres of the mind helps me to understand the energy of the words using my mental thoughts and emotions. This is how we are able to understand when a person is speaking truth or telling a lie. Both hemispheres are processing the information as a whole energy. As words are spoken, the tone and body language are speaking loud and clear to the person receiving the communication as energy.

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